For Horror Fans Chasing the High


Earlier this month, Thought Catalog contributor Daniel Hayes published 11 Horror Movies That Are Consistently Rated The Best By Horror Fans. These lists are usually disappointing clickbait but here’s one that really looks strong.

Hollywood be damned. This is all about the overlooked and under-appreciated. Semi-obscure cult hits sit alongside non-US offerings with unfamiliar titles. Kandisha, in particular, smells like a winner.

A few better known films anchor the list, like Wicker Man and Cronos. Also included are the brutal I Saw The Devil and Pontypoola fantastic, quirky, original bit of siege horror that slid right into my personal top 25 when I first caught it on Netflix a few years ago. The inclusion of that stellar piece of cinema gives buckets of cred.

I just added five of these to my watch list. The next challenge will be finding them.


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