When we set out to create we choose to act within parameters. An area of focus. A set of boundaries, rules, and expectations. A kind of box. This box can feel limiting.


In truth, the things we often perceive as limitations are necessary to make creative work possible. When applied with focus and consistency, imagination always supersedes these limitations. ¬†An artist’s canvas has only so much surface area, but walking through an art gallery erases the idea that there is any limit to what can be done in that medium. The entire history of Western music has been written with just twelve notes. The English alphabet has only 26 letters. The digital world is really all ones and zeroes. And so on.


Choose a canvas, a stage, a computer screen, or a chunk of granite. Create a 400-page novel or a standard business card. In all of these cases, we choose an area of finite focus and find within it infinite possibility. Eventually we see there is no box.